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Paul is best described as political, deadpan and wryly humorous delivered in his own style. He has been called, “Assassin of Apathy – power of words / humor - on the unthinkable, the unsolvable, to analyze to digest to give
birth to creativity and hope.”
He has performed nationally and internationally: The Austin International Poetry Festival, in Austin TX, a feature Poet 2018. A featured poets at Gödör Klubban at the Jazzköltexzeti est in Budapest, Hungary. A featured poet at Beat Festival Stockholm, Sweden. Edinburgh Fringe Festival Scotland 2018, performed 12 shows with Do It Now. At the Massachusetts Poetry Festival part of a featured anthology. Featured Poet at West End Poetry Festival NC. A featured poets in the movie “Trash” by Bucky Jones, all the “dialog” was poetry. Featured Poet 2017 -2020 at the National Beat Poetry Festival. 2020 Performed several times in Senegal, Africa with the Senegal – American project to name a few
"We are delighted to share the news that you have won the Miller Audio Prize in the humor category for “Life Stories.” Your piece blends some of the most compelling aspects of different forms; the observational humor of stand-up comedy, the quick tempos and wandering melodies of jazz, and the clever linguistic turns of spoken word poetry come together to create a dynamic, highly listenable piece. The aptly titled piece is so deeply human, pointing out the joys and absurdities of living in our current moment. Warmly", AnnElise Hatjakes Contest Editor, the Missouri Review

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30 minute show filmed at the Shea Theater

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"Do It Now" changes personnel, the core being Paul Richmond, Spoken Word and Tony Vacca on balafon, percussion and donso ngoni and John Sheldon on guitars. Joining them for this set is Avery Sharpe on acoustic bass. For the last piece they are joined by Charles Langford on saxophone and Derrik Jordan on percussion.
Performing at the 2021 International Beat Poetry Festival

Performing in Senegal with the Senegal America Project 

Photo by Frédéric Iriarte 

One of the Featured Poets

Paul's work is best described as political and deadpan, 
delivered wryly humorously in his own style.
"power of words / humor - 
on the unthinkable, 
the unsolvable, 
to analyze, to digest, 
to give birth, 
to creativity and hope"

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His work has been published in six books, 
in many journals, magazines, anthologies and poetry collections.
He has performed Nationally and Internationally ​​​​​​​
There are many videos of his performances

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"I love'd your piece as always informal strong and intense with imagery and truth that makes you think. I love it."
"I love how you start with the personal life and mend it with the political."

MA state Beat Poet Laureate, 2017 - 2019
USA National Beat Poet Laureate 

2019 - 2020

One of the featured Poets in this film

One of the featured poets

Performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

When you look up
 after you have delivered
one of your best pieces
And you can tell
you are just killing 
the audience
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